Historic Mirage Documents

Historic MIRAGE documents #

This section refers to an outdated version of the MIRAGE model. For CEPII’s core version, see MIRAGE-e.

CEPII version prior to MIRAGE-e #

Technical manual #

  1. Structure overview
  2. The demand side
  3. The supply side
  4. Capital and investment dynamics
  5. Labour market
  6. Agriculture market specific features
  7. Transport sector
  8. Macroeconomic closure
  9. Dynamics and baseline
  10. Imperfect competition

Users’ Handbook #

  1. Technical requirements
  2. What is MIRAGE made of
  3. Using GTAP aggregation with MIRAGE (Outdated)
  4. Running a simulation with GAMS
  5. Managing results (Outdated)
  6. Using a GSE Interface