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MIRAGE is a multi-sector, multi-country Computable General Equilibrium model initially devoted to trade policy analysis and more recently applied to long term growth and environmental issues. It has been developed since 2001 by the CEPII.

MIRAGE Users include CEPII and the following institutions: IFPRI, INRAE, ITC, UNECA, DG Enterprise and DG Trade at the European Commission.

MIRAGE wiki is designed to provide up-to-date information on the model concerning its structure and its programmation features and aims to be a gateway for the dissemination of its policy applications.

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Since the built of the MIRAGE model, a team of economists constituting the Department of Trade Policy Modelling has been actively using the CGE for various studies, bringing through year technical improvements to the model.

The team is today composed of:

Analyses and papers benefit also from contributions by scientific advisors working closely with the team, in particular:

Former members of the MIRAGE team at CEPII include: Mohamed Hedi Bchir, Yvan Decreux, Jean Fouré, Christophe Gouel, Jean-Louis Guérin, David Laborde, Maria Priscila Ramos, Sebastien Jean, Hugo Valin

MIRAGE team at IFPRI #

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has become one of the main users and developers of the MIRAGE model. Click here to see the recent developments and team members.

New developments in MIRAGE #

Date New content
06/11/2023 MIRAGE-Power is out
12/02/2018 MIRAGE-e version 1.1 is out
28/06/2016 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.4 is out
21/01/2016 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.3 is out
24/09/2015 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.2 is out
29/01/2015 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.1 is out
28/01/2015 MIRAGE-e 1.0 is out
25/03/2010 New MIRAGE version, incorporating NTBs for goods and services

See full Development History for a complete overview.

CEPII Core version : MIRAGE-Power #

This section is under construction. For currently available documentation please refer to MIRAGE-e 2

CEPII Core version : MIRAGE-e 2 (also named MIRAGE-VA) #

Technical documentation #

The documentation is organized as follows:

User’s guide #

Before entering into the detail, the first entry can be:

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a simulation from start to finish:

  1. Using GTAP aggregation (AggreGAMS) with MIRAGE-e
  2. Other (optional) data preparation
  3. How to parameterize MIRAGE-e
  4. Running the baseline exercise
  5. Running a simulation with GAMS
  6. Managing results

MIRAGE-e 1.1 #

Technical Documentation #

MIRAGE-e, developed at CEPII since 2010, takes the core features of the MIRAGE model and put emphasis on longer term issues:

The documentation is organized as follows:

  1. Structure overview (1.1)
  2. Final demand (1.1)
  3. The supply side (1.1)
  4. Trade (1.1)
  5. Imperfect competition (1.1)
  6. Capital and investment dynamics (1.1)
  7. Transport sector (1.1)
  8. Macroeconomic closure (1.1)
  9. Baseline (1.1)
  10. Energy and CO2 emissions (1.1)

User’s handbook #

Users may refer to the following pages to use MIRAGE-e:

  1. What is MIRAGE made of (1.1)
  2. Using GTAP aggregation (AggreGAMS) with MIRAGE-e
  3. Running a simulation with GAMS
  4. Managing results

Historic MIRAGE documents #

Publications #

MIRAGE-e documentation #

MIRAGE Documentation #

A Mendeley Group gathers the list of MIRAGE related publications.

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