MIRAGE model documentation

Several versions of the MIRAGE model have been developed over the years (see History for details). They are presented here from the most recent to the oldest. Except for MIRAGE-Power, which is built on MIRAGE-e, the documentation presented here should be understood as being cumulative: MIRAGE-e is an evolution of MIRAGE, and MIRAGE-VA is an evolution of MIRAGE-e. Accordingly, for any part of the model that is not documented, please refer to the upstream version for the documentation.


MIRAGE-Power extends the supply side with specific modeling of electricity sectors by including renewable and nuclear energy. The model also includes all greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The extended features of MIRAGE-Power:


MIRAGE-VA extends the demand side by differentiating trade and demand in final goods and intermediate goods. The supply side of MIRAGE-VA is enriched with greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The extended features of MIRAGE-VA:


The original MIRAGE model

Here is the documentation of the original MIRAGE model developed in 2001.