Mirage E 1 0

MIRAGE-e 1.0 #

<alert type=“info” icon=“glyphicon glyphicon-tag”>v1.0 ( Link) - SVN Revision 96</alert>

MIRAGE-e features #

Compared to the previous MIRAGE model, MIRAGE-e introduces several new features:

Other significant modifications #

  • Compatibility with GTAP 8.1
  • Updated LESCES base elasticities
  • Exogenous Agricultural TFP based on Data Enveloppe Analysis

Details #

  • Translation of french variable names into english
  • MIRAGE-e do not use GTAP data in gms format, but now uses the g00 output from AggreGAMS. gms format is still maintained for compatibility reasons.
  • Removed unused files
  • Location of data in a data/ folder