Mirage E 1 0 2

MIRAGE-e 1.0.2 #

<alert type=“info” icon=“glyphicon glyphicon-tag”>v1.0.2 ( Link) - SVN Revision 175</alert>

Changelog #

Features #

  • NTMs can be modelled as iceberg cost (tCost), export tax (taxEXP) or import tax (Tariff) equivalent. Default is 1/3 1/3 1/3 for goods, 100% tCost for tariffs.
  • Adding NTM data by default (KNO for goods, Mitaritonna & Fontagné for services) and a default aggregation of MAcMap 2007. NTM in goods and MAcMap are aggregated using MAcMap weights.
  • The clear.bat utility is now compatible
  • Updates energy price trajectories
  • Intervention prices and quotas have been removed
  • Some errors are detected at the end of Calib, and displayed

Bug corrections #

  • Increasing tolerance level for energy goods to avoid pivot too small in REF.gms
  • Correcting the assiette in Calib.gms
  • Correcting labels in Results.gms
  • Translation of variable names to english
  • Selecting imperfect competition with a markup at 1 is now impossible
  • Energy volume variables, export taxes and production taxes are now 0 is no production
  • r and s have been exchanged in current account balance
  • Temporary correction if minimal consumption level is higher than total consumption- LESCES-Calibrated own price compensated have been switched to Slutsky-compensated (following USDA definition)
  • Correcting scale in Results_E for tariff revenue and factor revenue
  • Corrected slicing of taxEXP