Mirage E 1 0 3

MIRAGE-e 1.0.3 #

<alert type=“info” icon=“glyphicon glyphicon-tag”>v1.0.3 ( Link) - SVN Revision 194</alert>

Changelog #

Features #

  • GTAP 9 is now the default version, with 2011 as a base year - Non-GTAP data (MAcMap, NTMs, Minor&Tsigas, mappings) are now version-dependent files, with checks at the end of Calib.gms - MAcMap data updated for 2011 and GTAP 9 aggregation - NTM data from KNO adapted for GTAP 9 aggregation - LESCES data updated and adapted to match GTAP9 aggregation
  • Updated energy prices from WEO 2015 (the three WEO scenarios are accessible using a specific set peScen, different from the baseline set Scen)

Bug corrections #

  • In LESCES Calib, “true” zeros in elasticities from USDA data are now treated as such (and not as missing anymore).
  • %Tini% used for flag_SavingsBug instead of 2007