Using Gtap Aggregation With Mirage

Using GTAP aggregation (AggreGAMS) with MIRAGE-e #

How to #

Setting up the aggregation directory #

  • Download AggregGAMS from Git repository or from CEPII’s network.
  • Copy the GTAP database in the folder data/%Ver%_%Year% where %Ver% is the GTAP version number (e.g. 91 for GTAP 9.1) and Year is the corresponding year. The required files are: gsddat.har, gsdemiss.har, gsdpar.har, gsdset.har, gsdvole.har.

Building the aggregation #

  • Build your aggregation on Excel, using the file corresponding to your version, e.g. Aggregation%Ver%_Simple.xlsm. The Label for your aggregation will be what follows the version number. In the previous example: _Simple.
    • If you are using MIRAGE-e 2 with GHG features, check that your sector aggregation respects the constraints below
    • If you plan to implement the Paris agreement, check that your regional aggregation respects the constraints below
    • Also check that every transport sector is listed as in Perfect competition

Aggregate #

  • Check the main file Aggregation.gms:
  • The version should be correct:
$setglobal Ver 92

In the case you are using MIRAGE-e 2, the correct version is 90a

  • The year should be correct
$setglobal Year 2011 
  • The Label corresponds to the Excel file you edited beforhands:
$setglobal Label "_Simple" 
  • Launch the aggregation in GAMS with a chosen name for the g00 file, e.g. s=data
  • Copy and paste the files data.g00 and GTAP_version_info.txt to MIRAGE root directory
  • When running MIRAGE’s Calib.gms file, don’t forget to check the start file name, e.g. r=data.

Constraints on aggregation specific to MIRAGE-e 2.0 #

To have the full features of MIRAGE-e 2, additionnal constraints are added. The purpose of these constrait is :

  • GTAP sectors need to be aggregated only between the same type of sectors (see below) to be subject to the correct GHG-inclusive production function
  • GTAP agricultural sectors are better if aggregated separately for animal and vegetal agriculture, due to different trajectories in sector productivity in the baseline
  • In case the Paris agreement needs to be implemented, GTAP regions need to be aggregated only between regions with the same type of commitment (see below)

Sector aggregation compatible with MIRAGE-e 2 #

The table below summarizes the constraints on sectors :

GTAP code GTAP sector MIRAGE-e 2 type Comment
pdr Paddy rice Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
wht Wheat Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
gro Cereal grains nec Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
v_f Vegetables. fruit. nuts Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
osd Oil seeds Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
c_b Sugar cane. sugar beet Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
pfb Plant-based fibers Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
ocr Crops nec Agriculture & Forest Vegetal
ctl Cattle.sheep.goats.horses Agriculture & Forest Animal
oap Animal products nec Agriculture & Forest Animal
rmk Raw milk Agriculture & Forest Animal
wol Wool. silk-worm cocoons Agriculture & Forest Animal
frs Forestry Agriculture & Forest Other
fsh Fishing Agriculture & Forest Other
coa Coal Fossil production
oil Oil Fossil production
gas Gas Fossil production
omn Minerals nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
cmt Meat: Non-energy, non-agriculture
omt Meat products nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
vol Vegetable oils and fats Non-energy, non-agriculture
mil Dairy products Non-energy, non-agriculture
pcr Processed rice Agriculture & Forest Vegetal, to be aggregated with pdr
sgr Sugar Non-energy, non-agriculture
ofd Food products nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
b_t Beverages and tobacco products Non-energy, non-agriculture
tex Textiles Non-energy, non-agriculture
wap Wearing apparel Non-energy, non-agriculture
lea Leather products Non-energy, non-agriculture
lum Wood products Non-energy, non-agriculture
ppp Paper products. publishing Energy-intensive
p_c Petroleum. coal products Fossil production
crp Chemical.rubber.plastic prods Energy-intensive
nmm Mineral products nec Energy-intensive
i_s Ferrous metals Energy-intensive
nfm Metals nec Energy-intensive
fmp Metal products Energy-intensive
mvh Motor vehicles and parts Non-energy, non-agriculture
otn Transport equipment nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
ele Electronic equipment Non-energy, non-agriculture
ome Machinery and equipment nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
omf Manufactures nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
ely Electricity Non-energy, non-agriculture
gdt Gas manufacture. distribution Fossil production To be aggregated with gas
wtr Water Non-energy, non-agriculture
cns Construction Non-energy, non-agriculture
trd Trade Non-energy, non-agriculture
otp Transport nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
wtp Sea transport Non-energy, non-agriculture
atp Air transport Non-energy, non-agriculture
cmn Communication Non-energy, non-agriculture
ofi Financial services nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
isr Insurance Non-energy, non-agriculture
obs Business services nec Non-energy, non-agriculture
ros Recreation and other services Non-energy, non-agriculture
osg PubAdmin/Defence/Health/Educat Non-energy, non-agriculture
dwe Dwellings Non-energy, non-agriculture

Region aggregation compatible with the Paris agreement #

There are three different types of commitments in the Paris agreement:

  • Aboslute : the target reduction is labeled in percetage change from a reference emissions in the past
  • Intensity : the target reduction is labeled as a percentage reduction in GHG-intensity of GDP from a reference intensity in the past
  • BAU : the target reduction is labeled as a percentage reduction in emissions in a future date, compared to the BAU scenario

In order to implement the Paris agreement, the regional aggregation has to match the types of commitments. The aggregation of commitment is done separately in the R code NDCs_r.

country code type reference targetyear uncond comment
Albania ALB BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.115
Algeria DZA BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.07
Andorra AND BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.37
Angola AGO Absolute 2005 2030 0.35
Argentina ARG BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.15
Australia AUS Absolute 2005 2030 0.26
Azerbaijan AZE Absolute 1990 2030 0.35
Bangladesh BGD BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.05
Belarus BLR Absolute 1990 2030 0.28
Benin BEN BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.035
Bosnia-Herzegovina BIH BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.02
Brazil BRA Absolute 2005 2030 0.43 Burkina
Faso BFA BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.066
Burundi BDI BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.03
Canada CAN Absolute 2005 2030 0.3 Central African
Republic CAF Absolute 2010 2030 0.05
Chad TCD BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.182 Chile CHL Intensity 2007 2030 0.3
China CHN Intensity 2005 2030 0.6
Colombia COL BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.2 Cook
Islands COK N/A N/A N/A N/A electricity sector only Costa
Rica CRI Absolute 2012 2030 0.25
Djibouti DJI BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.4
Ecuador ECU Absolute 2025 2030 0.204
Eritrea ERI BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.39 EU EU Absolute 1990 2030 0.4
Fiji FJI N/A N/A N/A N/A energy sector only
Gabon GAB Absolute 2000 2025 0.5
Georgia GEO BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.15
Ghana GHA BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.15
Grenada GRD Absolute 2010 2025 0.3
Guatemala GTM Absolute 2005 2030 0.112
Haiti HTI BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.05
Indonesia IDN BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.29
Iran IRN BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.04 Israel ISR Absolute 2005 2030 0.26
Jamaica JAM BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.078
Japan JPN Absolute 2013 2030 0.26
Jordan JOR BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.015
Kazakhstan KAZ Absolute 1990 2030 0.15
Kiribati KIR BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.128
Kyrgyzstan KGZ BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.11
Lebanon LBN BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.15
Lesotho LSO BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.1
Malaysia MYS Intensity 2005 2030 0.35
Maldives MDV BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.1
Mali MLI N/A N/A N/A N/A Objective in ktCO2e Marshall
Islands MHL Absolute 2010 2025 0.32
Mauritania MRT BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.027
Mexico MEX BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.22
Micronesia FSM Absolute 2025 2020 0.28
Monaco MCO Absolute 1990 2030 0.5
Mongolia MNG BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.14
Montenegro MNE Absolute 1990 2030 0.3
Morocco MAR BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.13
Namibia NAM BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.089 New
Zealand NZL Absolute 1990 2030 0.11
Niger NER BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.035
Nigeria NGA BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.2
Niue NIU N/A N/A N/A N/A Objective in share of renewables
Norway NOR Absolute 1990 2030 0.4
Paraguay PRY BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.1
Peru PER BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.27 Republic of
Macedonia MKD BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.3 Republic of
Moldova MDA Absolute 1990 2030 0.64 St. Vincent and Grenadines
VCT BAU_Absolute BAU 2025 0.22 San Marino SMR Absolute 2005 2030 0.2
Senegal SEN BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.05
Serbia SRB Absolute 1990 2030 0.098
Singapore SGP Intensity 2005 2030 0.36 South
Korea KOR BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.37 Sri
Lanka LKA BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.07
Switzerland CHE Absolute 1990 2030 0.5
Tajikistan TJK Absolute 1990 2030 0.1
Thailand THA BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.2 Trinidad and
Tobago TTO N/A N/A N/A N/A Power generation only
Tunisia TUN Absolute 2010 2030 0.13 Tuvalu TUV N/A N/A N/A N/A energy
sector only Uganda UGA BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.066
Ukraine UKR Absolute 1990 2030 0.4 USA USA Absolute 2005 2025 0.26
Viet Nam VNM BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.08
Yemen YEM BAU_Absolute BAU 2030 0.01