Development History

Development History #

Most recent history #

Date New content
12/02/2018 MIRAGE-e version 1.1 is out
28/06/2016 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.4 is out
21/01/2016 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.3 is out
24/09/2015 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.2 is out
29/01/2015 MIRAGE-e version 1.0.1 is out
28/01/2015 MIRAGE-e 1.0 is out
25/03/2010 New MIRAGE version, incorporating NTBs for goods and services

Earlier history #

Date New content
02/12/2009 MIRAGE-D with international financial assets (new CEPII working paper by André Lemelin)
04/02/2008 Mobile labour and capital in integration zone
28/01/2008 What to change when passing to GTAP 7?
13/12/2007 Transport modes breakdown (Outdated)
08/11/2007 Auto-slicing of shocks to help model’s convergence
22/10/2007 Integration of agriculture market specific features (Outdated) in dynamic framework
11/10/2007 New spreadsheet interface (Outdated)